Welcome to the TPpred 3.0 prediction server

TPpred 3.0 is a web server for targeting peptides prediction in Eukaryotic proteins. TPpred 3.0 is optimized for the prediction of cleavage sites of both mitochondrial and chloroplastic targeting peptides.

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NEW: TPpred3 is now available as standlone program at https://github.com/BolognaBiocomp/tppred3.

Submit a sequence

To start using TPpred 3.0 you simply need to paste a FASTA sequence in the text area below, select the organism kingdom (select "Plant" if the protein organism has both mitochondria and chloroplasts, "Non-plant" otherwise) and press the "Start prediciton" button. The server accepts a single FASTA sequence, at least 30 residue long.

Fill with a test sequence

Retrieve your job results

Prediction results of previously executed jobs are available for a month and can be retrieved by the user. Please, paste the job id you received at submission time (e.g. 49c2807e-a1d3-41a1-a3fa-0337fb2003c0) in the field below and press "Search job" to retrieve the results.